Monday, June 6, 2011

A New Concept to the Charlotte Food Scene!!!

Welcome and thanks for visiting the newly created Charlotte Supper Club Blog. I intend this blog to be about everything food, with a focus on the formal and informal events that this blog and idea, hope to inspire.

I have been in Charlotte all the way back to Hurricane Hugo, the Charlotte Hornets, the Carolina Panthers (inaugural, losing , and winning seasons). I have witnessed the the food scene evolve over the years, creating the thriving cultural aspect of any great city. The restaurants here in Charlotte now rival many of the other metro areas around the country. The trends in food that are taking place here, specifically the accessibility of locally sourced product, is really the driving factor in the citizens of Charlotte love affair with great food.

The goal of this blog is to bring people together into a community with the purpose of sharing the experience of great food. Neighbors and friends coming together to enjoy a meal, and sponsored events presenting the best of local chefs.

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